Did a fine job. Showed upon time and completed the job in the time frame quoted for the price quoted.   COLUMBUS, OH
Glass Company Columbus, Ohio


They were great. I got a call within minutes of submitting my request on ServiceMagic. The customer service was
excellent. I worked with Vinny and he was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me. Installation of my
new glass went great and I’m so happy with the results. My windows look brand new!!!   Grove City, OH
Glass Company Columbus, Ohio


Very prompt in responding to my inquiry and was at my house within 4 hours.    Delaware, OH
Glass Company Columbus, Ohio


I originally went with a different contractor and wish I didn’t. I did it to save a few bucks, but it wasn’t worth it.
Precision Glass came out to my home twice to measure my opening – and showed me the shop drawings. No
walls and floors are perfectly plumb/square, and Precision’s detailed drawings showed that.
I went with the other contractor who offered a lower price and was recommended by my general contractor. When
I got home and saw the shower door the other company had made – it looked absolutely horrible. There was a
3/8″ gap in between the gap and the tile wall. They grooved the tile to hold the door – and the gap was so wide –
the glass wasn’t even inside the grooved channel.
And, they measured the towel bar in correctly, and it wasn’t level when it was installed. It was pretty clear that the
company I had hired mis-measured the opening. Rather than taking responsibility for their mistakes and fixing
them – they finally agreed to take the shower door out and give me my money back.
When I first encountered the mistakes and went around and around with the contractor I had chosen – I needed a
professional who could determine whether the company I hired was at fault. They came out to my house again –
without any promise of a sale – and showed me where and how my contractor had mis-measured.
Since a door had already been installed – there were holes drilled into the shower threshold and the walls. The
only way to get a new door was to completely match the old door – same manufacturer, hinges, header, etc. –
otherwise we would have to drill new holes.
Well, Precision Glass wasn’t representative of the manufacturer my other contractor used. In order to help me out –
they became an authorized dealer for the manufacturer – so that everything would match up perfectly. They didn’t
have to do that – but they did it to make me happy.
The door looks fantastic – there aren’t any unsightly gaps between the glass and the wall, the towel bar is at the
correct height, the towel bar is level, etc.
While I was completely unhappy with the contractor I chose – Precision Glass renewed my faith that customer
service is a live and well. Not only did they provide me with outstanding service – they really went the extra mile by
offering their assistance when they didn’t have to, and by become a dealer for a company they didn’t represent –
all just to make one customer happy.   Upper Arlington, OH
Glass Company Columbus, Ohio


I had them replace some very old and hard to find window cranks for 50 years old windows. It was hard to find the
cranks and it took awhile to get them (Not their fault) but they did a great job putting them in and my old windows
open wonderfully now.   Columbus, OH

Glass Company Columbus, Ohio


Very quick response for providing an estimate. No pressure tactics. Repair completed in one week exactly. Neat,
professional, and dependable.   Columbus, OH
Glass Company Columbus, Ohio


Very fair. Gave me a 10% discount for using Angie’s list. Used his time efficiently and did a clean, neat job.   COLUMBUS, OH
Glass Company Columbus, Ohio


They did a great job.   Westerville, OH
Glass Company Columbus, Ohio


They did a nice job there. I had a good experience with them. They did install one of my mirrors improperly. They
came right out and the supervisor looked it over and agreed with me. Then they actually fixed it that day and so it
was a good ending too. I was kind of in a fix and got worried when the mirror was put wrong. They were very
prompt and responsive. I would like to share my experience with the others. They did screw up but they also fixed
it. I do understand that sometimes things get messed up and can go wrong. They were easy to work with in
getting it fixed. They were very quick and very responsive. I will use their services again in the future.   Bexley, OH
Glass Company Columbus, Ohio