Commercial Storefront and Glass Repair and Replacement

Whether your business glass needs are large or small, Precision Glass and Shower is here to help.  With our extensive experience in both exterior and interior window and door structures, you can expect the job to be completed not only efficiently and effectively, but also on time.

We know how much your business means to you. We also know that the right windows and glass doors, properly installed can make a difference. We’re here to make that happen so give us a call to see what we can do for you:

  • Glass Replacement of all Types and Sizes
  • Leak Detail
  • Sliding Screen Doors,
  • Swinging Screen Doors
  • Glass Replacement
  • Window Repair
  • Window Replacement
  • Door Repair
  • Door Replacement
  • Plate Glass Repair
  • Plate Glass Replacement
  • Safety Glass Repair
  • Safety Glass Replacement
  • Tempered Glass Repair
  • Tempered Glass Replacement
  • Laminated Glass Repair
  • Laminated Glass Replacement
  • Burglary Glass Damage Repair and Replacement
  • Glass Debris Removal
  • Broken Glass Handling